Ostuni, candidate city for the title of ‘Italian City of Culture 2018’

Perched precariously across the summits of 3 hills, the enchanting ‘White City’ is proud of its claim of having one of the most beautiful historical old town centres in Puglia

Its poetic name has arisen from the ubiquitous white whitewashed homes that dazzle in the bright sunshine by day and the soft, uplighting by night.

The Aroganese walls, which encircle the city, have acted as a ‘shield’ for the jewels that lie within.

The Cathedral, rising up from the highest part, is both its focal point for the inhabitants and can be readily seen from the surrounding countryside and coastal plain.

Ostuni sits 218 metres above sea level, presiding over a coastline in this corner of Puglia that consistently receives acclaim through the prestigious ‘Blue Flag’ award for environmental care and cleanliness of the coastline.